Art Ed Grad student Needed for Art Forum Panel

The College is seeking a graduate student to participate in next Tuesday’s (May 10th) Art Forum Panel Discussion at 11:00am (see below).  This is really art ed’s time to shine.  Since Gallery 31 will have the MAAE exhibition up—I think that prompted them to invite an art ed grad student.  Please let Pam know as soon as possible if you can attend.

A message from Jessica van Geertruyden, Manager of Individual Giving  regarding the Art Forum Panel Discussion:

The Art Forum Luncheon will take place next Tuesday at 11am.  It’s an event that takes place twice a year and is one of the benefits for our Chairman’s Guild members.  We typically have about 100 in attendance.  Last year was the first year we invited a panel of seniors to discuss their work and since it was so successful we decided to do it again this Spring — but in addition to the seniors and NEXT being open, we wanted graduate students represented, along with Gallery 31 open for viewing.  We’re in a time crunch and I was wondering if you could recommend any Art Education students that might be interested in participating next week.  Andy Grundberg will be moderating the panel discussion and I think everyone agrees having a graduate student would really enhance the conversation.

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